White Kidney Beans

AWAAD EGYPT has been exporting premium White Alubia beans (White Kidney Beans) for more than 25 years. All of our production passes through pre-cleaning, grading, de-stoner, gravity and sortex machines. For extra fancy quality we do handpicking and brush machine for ultimate customer satisfaction.


Details Of Product  

Product Name

White Kidney Beans     


Dec – Nov

Winter season:  planting start in Dec and harvest start in April.

Summer season: planting start in late May and harvest start in Nov.


Summer – Winter  


160/100 grams                  

170/100 grams                  

180/100 grams                  

190/100 grams          

200/100 grams

210/100 grams      

220/100 grams  

230/100 grams      

250/100 grams            

280/100 grams           

300/100 grams         

350/100 grams     

400/100 grams


25kg- 15kg- 10kg 


Sea Shipment.