Fresh Colored Capsicum

Brightly colored and sweet flavored, peppers are a versatile vegetable that are eaten both raw and cooked and are used in many different cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and French.


Details Of Product  

Product Name

Fresh Colored Capsicum 


Dec - End June


Colored Pepper (Red-Yellow-Orange) - Festa - Silika.

Type: Pimento (Sweet)

Size: Large, Medium, Small (Not Less than 4.5 cm).

Storage: Peppers can be stored at 5c (41F) for 2 weeks, and although this reduces water loss

Packing Information

Packing: One carton / Plastic Box: 4.50 Kg net / 5 Kg

Container capacity: (40″ Feet): 20 Pallets
                               20Pallet X 110 Cartons = 2200 Cartons (11 ton). 

Sea & Air Shipment.