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Why To Choose Us

Adding value at source to deliver fresh and safe produce, this is what we adopt. Based on our largest honesty and integrity, AWAAD EGYPT is a highly speed promising company based in Egypt and specialized in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables.
AWAAD EGYPT can offer the best quality and service ever to our customers all over the world as there is more than 20 years of professionalism in the agro business.

AWAAD EGYPT has been committed to improve a state-of-the-art production function that would provide sustainable premium quality Egyptian fresh and processed products to all destination markets including local ones.

Not only we focus on customers’ health, we also prioritizing the health and safety of employees in addition to protecting the environment.

AWAAD EGYPT producing, packing and exporting operations are centrally managed by talent team under an integrated food safety and quality management system complying global food safety standards.

AWAAD EGYPT’s commitment to quality referring to comprehensive programs for food safety, scientific integrated plant  protection programs, strong  quality control measures, modern production and transportation technologies, continual improvement based on research ,  the safety of our employees, communities and the nature resources.

AWAAD EGYPT supplies premium quality fresh fruits and vegetables to global markets.

AWAAD EGYPT is a group of talent with long outstanding experience of agriculture industry.  

We provide full technical management of the fruits and vegetable business from producing, sourcing, handling, packaging, sailing, distributing and logistical services. Our policy is quality, customer satisfaction, and then quantity. By this policy we are able to meet our customers’ expectations.







To be one of leading global exporters specialized in agriculture industry through our performance and commitment to our core values.

To supply premium quality and best tasting of fresh fruits and vegetables that help improve health and wellbeing while sustaining the environment. Our goal is to be remarkable by quality, integrity, honesty, loyalty, sustainability, credibility, and accountability.



AWAAD EGYPT does the best to establish and maintain a long term sustainable value for our partners either, customers, employees, and society. One of our targets initiates a long term business development over short term profits, high quality products with incomparable value and first-class service.

Customers’ satisfaction is our approach of our professional team maintaining a maximum level of mutual trust through supplying the market with our highest quality products that meets customer’s expectation.

·        Fulfilling customer expectation and extending our markets and developing best quality products
·        Sourcing different types of fresh produce in cost-effective prices.
AWAAD EGYPT is committed to providing our consumers with safe, high-quality products.

These targets are supported with an integrated philosophy of adhering to high ethical code of conduct and the appropriate management of human, natural and other resources throughout all business; intimate relationship with employees, and social and environmental policies.


AWAAD EGYPT brand means safe, premium-quality and tasty products. We will maintain meeting customers’ expectations by consistently providing products that meet the highest standard.  


AWAAD EGYPT’s adoption of quality is a worldwide commitment reliably supported by:

        - Integrated system for quality & food safety.

        - Scientific based programming for pest management.

        - Elaborate quality control measures.

        - Continual improvement.

          - Dedication to the safety of workers, communities and the nature.

         - Considering social requirements for either workers or neighboring community.